Cuisine:  Steakhouse, seasonal menu
Address:  26 Little West 12th Street
New York, 10014
Tel:  646 624 2444    Reserve Online
Owner:  Jonathan Segal, and Celeste Fierro
Chefs:  Executive Chef:  Humberto Leon
          Beverage Director:  Judson Sherman-Rose
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  Lionel Ohayon of Icrave Design
Capacity:  Main Dining Room:  200
          The Tempest Storm:  70
          The Lillie St Cyr:  20
          The Do May:  20
          The Candy Barr:  40
          STK Rooftop:  115
STK Meatpacking
STK Meatpacking 1
STK Meatpacking 2
STK Meatpacking 3
STK Rooftop 4