Culture Divine is a website focused on the latest trends on design, style, fashion, experiences, and places.  Based on the highest quality standards, the information will be processed and selected before its publication, by this we guarantee exclusivity.  The site will be updated when its required, starting with a minimum of once a month.  For the easier access to information it will be divided in two sections.

The first one will be a periodic publication, being disseminated by email and the access from the portal, in which there will be published monthly news, suggestions, opennings and trends considered important and interesting for our readers.  There will be articles, which not only will bring basic information, but they will give a detailed explanation of our topics.

The second section will consist in virtual guides that will provide information, tips, and in some cases a brief overview for global citizens and cosmopolitan travelers.  The selection process will be as rigorous as the one in the other section.  The first published guides will be:  New York City,  Paris, and London.  Including a reduced but elitist list of hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, stores, interesting places, and the trends in each one of them, these will be focused for our readers satisfaction.

At the beginning the site will be edited in english, but our medium term goal is to edit it in french, japanesse, and spanish, achieving a better diffusion, and offering an excellent service to our international readers.