Address: 5th Avenue @ Central Park South
New York, 10019
Tel: 212 759 3000    Reserve Online
Owner:  Sahara Group, managed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Restaurants/ Bars: Grand Ballroom, Palm Court, Champagne Bar, Rose Club,
          Terrace Room, Oak Room, Oak Bar  
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork: Gal Nauer Architects
          Costas Kondylis and Partners
          Walter B. Melvin Architects
          Rani Ziss Architects
Guestrooms:  180 rooms
          102 suites

The Plaza
The Plaza 2
The Plaza 11
The Plaza 12
The Plaza 5
The Plaza 4
The Plaza 6
The Plaza 7
The Plaza 10
The Plaza 8
The Plaza 1