Located on the epicenter of new Italian coolness in former Milan’s first neoclassical 1840´s railway station building, Maison Moschino, the latest designer hotel, is a magnificent four story venue which has its own familiar atmosphere.  The realization supervised by Rossella Jardini, Moschino´s Creative Director, and Jo Ann Tan, combined with Hotelphilosophy S.p.A. management to create a breathtaking-experience stay.

Maison Moschino welcomes the most exquisite travelers with a beautiful Lobby ornamented with origami clouds, as well as table and floor lamps resembling Moschino dresses and accessoires.

Along with other top class services, Clandestino Milano, a restaurant by Moreno Cedroni, is a gorgeous space that extends into the garden.  Serving from breakfast to dinner, imagination is always an important element.  Mos Kit, a white lacquered wooden box that renews itself every day is filled with different delicious combinations inside, and it is the perfect choice for breakfast, while in lunch guests can enjoy informal salads and exotic sandwiches.  At night either pre-drinks finger food, or delicious dishes from pasta to meat, passing through Polenta with Raw Seafood are stylishly served.  The wine list was carefully selected from organic biodynamic producers, focusing on white French and Italian ones.

Another reason to visit this design palace is its relaxing and comforting spa.  Managed by world famous Culti, and offering eighteen treatments, it features different spaces; each one specialized to exponentialize your well-being and pleasure.  Among others, The Turkish Bath features a pool designed with the latest spa technologies, and The Chaise Longue Area has become a must for godimento.

Sixty five rooms were planned individually and fulfill the most refined standards.  Divided into sixteen different groups, each one of them, inspired on fairytales, transport all guests into a fantastic world tremendously designed.  Gold Room has golden treats all over, and in Life is a Bed of Roses, red rose petals cover bedspreads, sofas, and chandeliers.  While Sleeping in a Ballgown, dreams and haute couture merge together, in the Sweet Room pillows and bedspreads appear to be cupcakes and different delightful sweets.  Other room design concepts are clouds, forests, and shadows, just to name a few.

If someone desperately falls in love with something in the hotel, from bedspreads and chairs to dishware, going through lamps and handbags, it will be available soon for purchase on request in the coming Maison Moschino Boutique located in the Lobby.

Overall this hotel offers incredible and unique workmanship along with wonderful design and applied fashion that combines to create an exceptional result and a personalized ambience.  Fanciful settings, surrealistic images and fabulous interiors, take sleeping into a whole new level of intimacy and dreaming experience.

     - Juan Ignacio Posada

Maison Moschino
Address:  Viale Monte Grappa 12
Milan, 20124
Tel:  02 29 00 98 58
Website:  www.maisonmoschino.com
Maison Moschino
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