The well known Micha-Couturier Mexican Hotel Entrepreneurs have been on the sight of jetsetters for their venues on Aztec lands.  Habita, the first hotel launched by the group redefined Latin American Hospitality Industry, moreover the exceptional success was followed by Deseo and Basico in the paradisiacal turquoise beaches of Playa del Carmen.  Rapidly the group continued to expand along the Mexican territory with Condesa DF and with the opening of the cozy boutique hotel Azucar in the charming town of San Rafael in Mexico´s Atlantic coast; meanwhile La Purificadora in colonial Puebla was being developed along with Habita Monterrey.  Distrito Capital is the latest proposal by the creative group; this outstanding venue was recently opened in one of Mexico City´s most modern districts, Santa Fe.

The magnificent black & white lobby designed by Mexican firm, Diametro Arquitectos, and Joseph Dirand, takes guests into a unique atmosphere that is enriched with magical spaces like the library or the pool that complement the unique experience.

Exceptional details are shown in almost every room and hall of the hotel.  On the fifth floor just passed the lobby, an intimate retro-chic restaurant is located; the exquisite design comes along with Eric Schmitt tables and Alvar Alto lamps.  Restaurant´s atmosphere is enhanced with a delicate menu from star chef Enrique Olvera, who incorporates the latest cooking techniques with traditional Mexican flavors resulting a delightful New Mexican Cuisine.

Every space in the building seems to be carefully taken care of; Distrito Capital´s bar provides a great spot to accompany a Cosmo with beautiful Mexican crowd and mixed international personalities.  The venue includes 17 rooms and 13 suites located from 25th to 28th floors offering great views of the colossal city, each one of them with bathtub, Acqua di Parma Amenities, wi-fi, minibar, Xbox, and Nespresso Bar to relax after an exciting day in world´s most populated city. 

Paris based Joseph Dirand´s design gets together with Thomas Glassford “Asteroide” art pieces and antiques by Claudia Fernandez making this venue a design-jewel.

The international hospitality industry is excited by the group´s creative conjunction of ideas and it´s new proposals.  New venues around culturally rich country are being developed by the trendy investors. 
Boca Chica Hotel in the sumptuous destination of Acapulco is the next step on the visionary developers.  36 retro-fabulous rooms will include a private terrace or garden, wi-fi, minibar, and Dr. Bronner Amenities.

The venue is complemented by Keisuke Harada´s Japanese restaurant and design by Frida Escobedo and José Rojas.  The hotel spaces will also include bar, disco, marina, pool, spa and other amenities surrounded by exceptional gardens and extraordinary pacific views.

We strongly encourage the most exquisite travelers to enjoy the once in lifetime experience offered by this trendy Mexican group - Grupo Habita.

     - Jon Zabala

Distrito Capital
Address:  Juan Salvador Agraz 37, Santa Fe
Mexico City, 05300
Tel:  55 5257 1300    Reserve Online

Boca Chica
Address:  Punta Caletilla, Fraccionamiento Las Palmas
Acapulco, 39190
Tel:  744 482 7879    Reserve Online

Photo Credit:  Undine Proöhl
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Distrito Capital 5
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