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Dior à Saint Tropez

Address:  13 Rue François Sibilli
Saint Tropez, 83990
Tel:  4 98 12 67 67
Website:  www.dior.com
Owner:  Christian Dior Inc.
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  Peter Marino
          Hubert le Gall, Laurent Chauvat, Verner Panton, Yan Pei Ming
          Erik Hoglund, Véronique Rivernale
Spaces:  Ready-to-Wear Area, Accessory Area, Shoe Area
          Timepieces Area, Stairs

Details:  Located at the Jardins de l´Ambassade, an 18th century building
          Interior decoration is inspired by the boutique on Avenue Montaigne,
          and associates traditional French Style with contemporary elements,
          generating a modern idea of the original Dior elegance
          The decoration is in greys and walls are adorned with ‘Toile de Jouy’
          It features a new room dedicated to Ready-to-Wear
          A collection of limited editions was created especially for the boutique
          Dior Homme Boutique is located across the street with the same
          intimate atmosphere with a selection of Ready-to-Wear and
          The garden features a French restaurant,
Dior des Lices, open everyday
          from 9am to 10pm

Dior des Lices

Date:  Summer 2012
Cuisine:  French, Provençal
Address:  13 Rue François Sibilli
Saint Tropez, 83990
Tel:  4 98 12 67 67
Website:  www.yannick-alleno.com
Owner:  Yannick Alléno, Christian Dior Inc.
Chefs:  Executive Chef:  Yannick Alléno
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  Peter Wirtz, François-Xavier Lalanne

Details:  Second year of Yannick Alléno´s restaurant in the garden of the hôtel
          particulier that houses the
Dior à Saint Tropez boutique
          Menu is inspired in Haute Couture, La Bravade de Saint Tropez and the
          garden of the boutique
          Special dishes were created for this restaurant, being designed to stand
          out from the crowd, colorful and thought-out

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