Category:  Theatre
Address:  1 Teatralnaya Ploshad
Moscow, 125009
Tel:  499 608 7317
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  Andrei Mikhailov, Joseph Bové,
Alberto Cavos, Alexei Titov, Cosroe Dusi, Pyotr Lambin,
          Mikhail Bocharov, Fyodor Fyodorovsky, Ivan Rerberg, Peter Klodt
Spaces:  The Lobby, The Main Foyer, Staircase, The Choral Hall,
          The Round Hall, Beethoven Hall, White Lobby

History:  1776 - Theatre´s foundation - Empress Catherine the Great granted Prince
          Pyotr Urusov the privilege to arrange performances and masquerades in
          1780 - In partnership with Michael Maddox, Prince Pyotr Urusov purchased a
          land parcel - where Bolshoi stands nowadays - and built the Petrovsky theatre
          1802-03 - The theatre was farmed out to Prince M. Volkonsky
          1804 - The theatre was transferred back to the Government Loan Office
          1805 - The theatre burnt down
          1806 - The theatre acquired the title of Imperial, coming under the joint
          Directorate of Imperial Theatres
          1812 - After the Patriotic War, Osip Bove suggested the design of a new
          theatre and theatre square
          1825 - Opening of the new theatre on the Place of Petrovsky Theatre,
          constructed on the basis of Bove-Mikhailov´s design
          Opening Ceremony January 6th
          1853 - The theatre was destroyed by a fire
          1855 - Beginning of the reconstruction
          1856 - Opening of the new theatre restored by Albert Cavos, coinciding with
          the coronation of Alexander II Emperor on August 20th
          1917 - On February 28th the last performance at the Imperial Bolshoi Theatre
          On March 13th the State Bolshoi Theatre opened its doors
          1938 - Major reconstruction of the stage
          1941 - On October 22nd a bomb fell on the Bolshoi Theatre Building
          1943 - Opening of the theatre after the reconstruction of the damages caused
          by the bomb
          2002 - Opening of the new stage of the
Bolshoi Theatre
          2005 - Beginning of a new reconstruction and restoration
          2009 - Summa Capital joined the reconstruction and restoration of the State
          Academic Bolshoi Theatre
          2011 - End of the reconstruction
          On October 28th a Gala Concert celebrates the initiation of a new stage in
          Bolshoi Theatre´s life
          Launching of The Bolshoi Theatre Young Artists Program

Reconstruction and Restoration:  Restoration of historical looks - Audience Hall with
          the look planned by Albert Cavos, The Halls of the Former Emperor Lobby as
          of the state in 1895, the Main Entrance Lobby, White Lobby, Choral Hall,
          Round Hall and Beethoven Hall, among others
          Creation of new spaces, including an underground space
          Installation of the latest technological equipment in the stage and the new
          S.A. Khomyakov´s House connected with the main building by an
          underground passage
Bolshoi Theatre
Bolshoi Theatre 1
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