Cuisine:  Contemporary French Bistro
Address:  1900 Broadway
New York, 10023
Tel:  212 595 0303    Reserve Online
Owner:  Daniel Boulud
Chefs:  Executive Chef:  Olivier Quignon
          Pastry Chef:  Ghaya Olivera
          Consulting Charcutier:  Gilles Verot
          Sommelier:  Michael Madrigale
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  Thomas Schlesser, Design Bureaux Inc.
          Vik Muniz
Capacity:  Main Dining Room:  100
          Cellar Dining Rooms:  20, 30, and 70
          Tasting Table in the Round:  14
Photo Credit:  E. Laignel

Bar Boulud
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Bar Boulud 1
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