Category:  French Cookbook
Publication Date:  October 16th, 2012
Publisher:  Rizzoli
Author:  Sirio Maccioni, Pamela Fiori
Photo Credit:  Image 1:  p. 16-17 -- Le Cirque -- The First Generation by Robert
          Cenedella, 1998
          Oil on Canvas, (72 x 110 inches). This painting depicts the dining room
          of Le Cirque at East 65th Street, with more than 100 celebrated
          Image 2:  P. 42-43 -- From left: Kathryn Penske, Ivana Trump,
          Muffie Bancroft, Anne Arledge, Anna Moffo Sarnoff,
          Christina Ferrare DeLorean, Marie Kimberly, and Patricia Kluge
          (photo credit: Slim Aarons)
          Image 3:  P. 73 -- Adam Tihany design drawings and the finished rooms
          of Le Cirque 2000

Details:  Hardcover Format
          Features 256 pages
          Stories and recipes of Le Cirque

Le Cirque

  150 East 58th Street
New York, 10022
Tel:  212 644 0202    Reserve Online
Owner:  Sirio Maccioni
Chefs:  Olivier Reginensi
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  Adam D. Tihany
          Costas Kondylis
Capacity:  Total:  160
          Main Dining Room:  95
          Wine Lounge:  65
          Stella Mezzanine (Private Events):  80

Details:  Founded in 1974 by Sirio Maccioni at the Mayfair Hotel
          Redefined fine dining, introducing fine Italian cuisine to French classics
          Created a new dining experience themed ‘Controlled Confusion’
          Featured monkeys, circus balls and tent shades
          In 1997 Le Cirque relocated at the New York Palace Hotel under the
          name Le Cirque 2000
          In 2006 Le Cirque opened its doors at the Bloomberg Building, designed
          by Adam D. Tihany
          In 2012, Le Cirque published its first cookbook,
A Table at Le Cirque
          Celebrity chefs that worked at Le Cirque:  Daniel Boulud, David Bouley,
          Terrance Brennan, Alain Allegretti, Pierre Schaedelin, Geoffrey Zakarian,
          Craig Hopson

Sirio Maccioni

Details:  Born in 1932 in Montecatini Terme, Italy
          Sirio spent his childhood in Tuscany, then he moved to Paris and
          During the late 1960s he worked as maître d´ at the Colony Club in
          New York
          Operates his restaurants along his wife Ediginia, and his three sons
          Mario, Marco and Mauro
          Popularized classic dishes as Pasta Primavera and Crème Brûlée
          In 2004, Sirio published his biography, Sirio:  The Story of My Life and
          Le Cirque

Sirio Maccioni´s Properties:  Le Cirque, Osteria del Circo New York
          Le Cirque at The Bellagio Las Vegas, Osteria del Circo at The Bellagio
          Las Vegas, Sirio Ristorante at Aria Resort and Casino Las Vegas,
          Beach Club by Le Cirque Casa de Campo Resort, La Caña Restaurant
          & Lounge by Il Circo, Le Cirque at The Leela Palace,
          Sirio Ristorante New York

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