Address:  50 Great Cumberland Place
London, W1H 7FD
Tel:  0 20 7724 4700
Owner:  AB Hotels
Restaurants/ Bars:  HUNter 486
Architects/ Interior Design/ Artwork:  RDD Interior Architectural Design
          Vincent Poole, Julie Cockburn, Georgia Fiennes, Nigel Bird,
          Linda Curvelwell, Jasmine Pradissitto, Martha Winter,
          Louise Lawton, Caroline Yates, Peter Defty, Marcus James,
          Eleonore Pironneau, Andrew Crane, Helen Booth, Ray Malone,
          Jenny Smith, Pip Dickens, Peter Defty, Natalie Tkachuk
Guestrooms:  82 rooms
          9 suites

The Arch
The Arch 43
The Arch 3
The Arch 14
The Arch 17
The Arch 19
The Arch 38
The Arch 39
The Arch 42
The Arch 44
The Arch 47