There is a compelling duality to the term rasa. In the epic and luscious panoply of Indian creativity it refers to the emotion evoked in us when touched by art. Its first use in Sanskrit theology is widely quoted as “Truly, the Lord is rasa”, meaning that God alone can enjoy the ultimate rasa, or spiritual rapture.

Rasa Jaipur nestles serenely on one side of the breathtaking Amer Fort, the ancient hilltop palace and citadel capital of the Rajasthan’s dynasty of Maharajas, untroubled by the clamour and chaos of modern city life 15 kilometers away in Jaipur.

The city itself was constructed from scratch on a city plan designed in strict accordance with the ancient Hindu astrological zodiac by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727, after he decided to move his monarchic seat from Amer Fort to a more expansive setting. Considered one of India’s glittering architectural jewels and a major national and international travel destination, it boasts amongst many attractions; the expansive Hawa Mahal palace in the city centre, the king’s official residence - Nahargarh Fort - crowning its northwest,  and the Jantar Mantar observatory - a prestigious World Heritage Site.

Jaipur is known as the Pink City after the whole city was painted pink in honour of the Prince of Wales’ official visit in 1853, and to this day, many of its streets and avenues are still painted pink as a brilliant reminder of the city’s historic identity.

With its stunning hilltop setting, Rasa Jaipur is reminiscent of no less than an elegant regal caravan at opulent rest for the night.

Dusk summons up a scene of mystic luxury in guests’ imaginations - elephants taking water and rest on the tranquil shores of Lake Maota, with the splendor of the Amer Fort smoldering in the dusk as it has done since its magisterial pomp three centuries ago.

In an aperture in the ancient citadel’s battlements, the visitor almost stumbles upon a gateway to a magical valley garden populated by forty otherworldly and timelessly luxurious tents. These five hundred square foot geometric creations are wrought in pristine canvas, whose huge bay windows flood the cool sensuality of the interior with the distilled brilliance of the high Rajasthani sun, and are finished in dashing minimalism with striking red stone and timber.

Brought to you by the Devi Group, India’s last word in luxury hospitality and the team behind Devi Garh, widely regarded as India’s premier luxury boutique hotel, Rasa Jaipur more than lives up to into the princely surroundings.

A sense of the lavishly ethereal echoes around this unique resort’s Toran restaurant, which transforms local ingredients fresh from its own organic gardens into a sumptuous menu that imagines the best of traditional Indian cuisine through the prism of modern style. The stately Amer Fort wall stands to proud attention behind the restaurant - a constant reminder of the great weight of great history that this most exclusive and unique of hospitality venues wears so lightly.

Set in lush sculpted landscape, each tent has its own private garden, including an elegantly appointed personal pagoda, which adds an extra dimension to this fascinating inside-outside dynamic. At night this love letter to a bygone age shifts into an altogether more seductive and playful mood, with its jet black luxury pool, a spa and an outdoor bonfire creating the heady sensation of being pampered right under the stars. A seeming infinity of pathways and sculpted nooks leads guests to the rock-hewn seclusion of private dining areas that delight and surprise in equal measure.

Much like the name of this extraordinary haven, life in a tent, even for a few nights and in the most lavish of circumstances, has its own extraordinary duality. Rasa Jaipur invites guests to live as illustrious nomads for a while, joining the transcendent community of the moment that they share with their fellow wanderers. At the same time it opens guests’ hearts to a kind of simple intimacy which a conventional hotel will never provide and only a canvas roof can.

With such an extraordinarily simple concept - and as such, a truly modern one - Rasa Jaipur enables guests to experience the rich spirituality and elemental beauty of their surroundings, and live the history that still warms the earth on which they are camped.

     - Ben Stewart

Rasa Jaipur

Address:  Kunda, NH-8, Tehsil Amber
District Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302028
Tel:  141 3057211

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