A superyacht is the billionaire’s ultimate plaything - these vast palaces of the high seas can reach over one hundred and fifty metres in length and often feature such fantasy features as their own submarine and helicopter.

These elegant brutes represent the true height of the most luxurious of modern lifestyles - owned by the world’s richest men and women and costing exponentially more than the multitude of palaces in which they reside on terra firma.

Once, the symbol of luxury travel was the jet plane, those supersonic arrows across the stratosphere that ferried the planet’s wealthiest and glitziest above the lands and seas between New York, Paris, Rio and London. The jet-set were the international globe-trotters who partied lavishly in each of these glamorous cities and many more, often on consecutive nights. While this generation took on the reigns of luxury from the Café Society, an equally gilded elite of international hedonists, both viewed the French Riviera as their personal pleasure resort - the original beach paradise to which their kind were born to enjoy.

It is to Monaco, the jewel within the jewel box, that the more sedate contemporary conveyers of kings and kingmakers now cruise most frequently. This extraordinary citadel built out of money plays host to a constantly revolving carousel of superyachts and their super owners, their charges gleaming in the uniquely Monte Carlo blue.

If the superyacht is the billionaire’s plaything, then the French Riviera is its most glamorous playground. The Côte d'Azur Economic Development Agency estimates that half of the world’s superyacht fleet passes through the deepest blue Mediterranean seas, after which the Riviera has been known since the late Nineteenth Century, and that nine out of ten of them have sailed its ever-tempting waters at least once. Berthed and resting sleekly like vast priceless thoroughbreds in some of the world’s most glamorous harbours, they are the world’s most expensive calling cards, exorbitant fashion statements signalling the arrival of someone of true import.

The elite few with the extreme wealth sufficient to own one these superyachts are almost as certain to have passed through the legendarily unbreachable entrance of Jimmy’z - the hottest ticket in Monte Carlo - as their magnificent craft have berthed in the Riviera itself.

Every night of the week, guests such as Michaël Schumacher, Bono, Penelope Cruz, George Benson, David Coulthard, George Clooney, Lionel Richie, Pink or Naomi Campbell flock to
Jimmy’z, which at any given moment heaves with snap cross-sections of the worlds of celebrity, royalty and multi-billion dollar fortunes.

This fabled nightspot has been the first port of call for the billionaires, trendsetting royals, actors, models, sports stars and musicians that populate the endless whirlwind of international nightlife, night after starry night since it was opened in 1974 by French icon Régine Zylberberg. This Belgian-born doyenne of the party scene, dubbed “Queen of the Night” by an adoring press and reputed inventor of the discothèque, owned and hosted clubs from Paris to New York, Los Angeles, Miami and beyond for nearly half a century.

Jimmy’z Monte Carlo is the defiantly glamorous embodiment of Régine’s revolution in socialising, where innovative design coupled with state of the art technology awaits a notoriously restrictive guest list of only the most famous, influential, rich and beautiful people. The world’s most renowned DJs, including Bob Sinclair, Martin Solveig, Axwell, Charles Schilling and David Guetta spin cutting edge tunes over a simply phenomenal sound system. The illustrious and beautiful are either simply sucked off their chairs and into the wild vortex at the heart of the dancefloor, or provided with the euphoric soundtrack to their gilt-edged relaxation.

One of the world’s premier nightspots, this club forms an effortlessly integrated part of The Sporting Club, the stunning waterfront complex realized by Société des Bains de Mer, Monaco’s phenomenally successful leisure development company. It features fine dining, the divine tranquillity of a Japanese garden and pagoda, and a simply breathtaking outdoor dancefloor that takes in the full glory of the Monte Carlo skyline and the spectacular Riviera and Mediterranean beyond.

Jimmy’z is indeed something special - a venue of almost unparalleled quality, in one of the most exclusive, beautiful and luxurious settings on Earth, filled to bursting with a gyrating menagerie of the world’s international elite. Some of the most distinctive, distinguished and valuable people known to mankind are caught here blissfully secure and at play - an overwhelming intensity of wealth and exclusivity, a poverty of riches that resembles the glimmering super-cars in the parking lot or the superyachts waiting in patient opulence at quayside.

     - Benjamin Stewart


Address:  Avenue Princesse Grace
Monaco, 98000
Tel:  377 98 06 70 68
Website:  fr.jimmyzmontecarlo.com

Photo Credit:  Copyright Monte-Carlo SBM

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