This summer, two paragons of peerless exoticism salute each other across the deep blue of the Mediterranean. While the names of both are revered as icons of luxurious fantasy, they reach out to each other from opposite ends of history.

Monte Carlo is a ball of gilded modern contradictions. A city within a city state, it was created in the mid- nineteenth century for the express purpose of serving the ultimate rich man’s luxury, that of losing his money for the thrill of it, and yet it is synonymous with the sun-soaked glimmer of its billionaire residents - those who always win.

The first Amir of the Almohad Empire, Abd al-Mu'min, created the Menara district, in the ancient mystic city of Marrakech, in the twelfth century. It is an exquisite series of interconnected gardens sitting on the edge of the desert at the gates of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, and offers the kind of tranquillity only proffered at a king’s behest.

The company behind Monte Carlo since 1863, Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), is a unique and fittingly dazzling corporate entity. With the State of Monaco as its majority shareholder, SBM is the owner and administrator of Monte Carlo’s premier casinos and hospitality venues. This comprises a list of cultural icons that gives even some of the world’s wealthiest goosebumps; the Hôtel de Paris, the Hôtel Hermitage, the Monte Carlo Beach, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

For the first time in its illustrious history Monte-Carlo SBM has taken the groundbreaking decision to step out of the protectorate and plant its most opulently-heeled foot into the world of global hospitality. In establishing a partnership with world-leading property managers Aerium Atlas Management, SBM is taking its first step in sending Monaco’s eponymous brand of luxury round the world.

With its name taken from the Arabic word for jewel,
Jawhar is a sumptuous oasis set in the heart of the Menara Gardens, on the outskirts of Marrakech but only a few minutes limousine ride from both the Menara Airport and the evocative history of the Medina wall.

The Medina at Marrakech is one of the great visceral synapse-popping experiences of world travel. The sights and sounds and smells of this ancient market throb with the immediacy of life and commerce, and yet at the same time this warren of narrow mercantile corridors is saturated with history and tradition.

Offering all the effortless and state-of-the-art luxury for which Monaguesque hospitality is famed, the Jawhar estate is spread out over fourteen hectares of sumptuously landscaped grounds that fit harmoniously into their surroundings.

Harmony is a key tenet of the Jawhar philosophy, where the twenty five residences are playfully different variations on their central theme - the concept that a home is an integrated whole comprised of distinct yet utterly interlinked and parts. Here the exquisite airy interiors, realized beautifully by renowned designer Jacques Grange, and sculpted verdant exteriors, including the ever present trickle and splash of water, meld into one fluid experience.

The estate welcomes guests with pampering of luxurious diversity, with a ninety three suite luxury hotel acting as a centrepiece to the experience. All of SBM’s vast experience as five star luxury hosts is put to fabulous effect across the enticing variety of sumptuous suites on offer, the high point of which has to be the staggering Royal Villa - expansively and opulently fit for a king.

Other bespoke luxury facilities include a one hundred seat cinema and Spoon, the hotel restaurant from globally recognized chef Alain Ducasse, himself a longtime member of the SBM family, through their numerous Monte Carlo´s collaborations, including the delectable Le Louis XV. Jawhar’s sense of prosperous harmony flows into one of its proudest features - an enchanting wellness centre created and run for the estate by ESPA, the world’s leading luxury spa operators, which includes one of Dr. Nadia Wolf’s eight elements preventative health centre.

Never ceasing to remind residents and guests alike that they have already forgotten whatever it was that was troubling them, Jawhar unifies the sensibilities of an ancient empire and the expertise of the modern epicentre of luxury to create a uniquely elegant place where only harmony reigns.

     - Benjamin Stewart


Address:  Les Jardins de la Menara
Tel:  212 524 388 310

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