"A room is like a stage.  If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world."

     - Paul Lynde

Ask any actor, and they will tell you that light - specifically how their face is lit- can be one of their greatest allies or adversaries, depending on who is lighting them.  Lighting technicians are recognized as some of the most important professionals on a movie or theatre set; they are the conjurors who provide the smoke and mirrors through which we see the magic.

Architecture and interior design, two of the most holistic and collaborative creative processes, have long recognized the value and power of lighting as part of an ongoing organic relationship between the stages they construct and the actors that pass through them.  Light not only defines whether or not we can see, but also how we see, and therefore feel in a space.  For twenty years, New York based
Ira Levy, and his company Levy Lighting, has been directing this feeling - playing light like a musician - in some of the most exclusive and richly designed spaces in the world.  As he told Culture Divine:

“Over the years, we’ve had many influential and important projects.  Celebrity weddings such as Ivanka Trump, Diane von Furstenberg, Barry Diller and Michael Douglas are a few of our most notable projects.  In the architectural arena, we’ve done global projects throughout the world including: Shopping Vittoria Brasil, H&M NY and Las Vegas.  We have also done many different high fashion events for the likes of Calvin Klein, DKNY, Chanel and Christian Dior.”

Levy’s philosophy is to first perceive each project as a spatial entity in need of light, in order to formalize how the client’s dreams can be realized within the physical constraints of the location.  It is this fantastic tension - between dreams and technique - in which Levy works his own brand of magic:

“My inspiration for each project comes from a variety of elements but most importantly, I visualize a space from a lighting point of view.  Whether it's an event or an architectural site, I look at the space through the medium of light.  The minute I walk into a project, a variety of lighting design possibilities enter my mind.  These ideas are tailored to achieve the goals of each client.  I fuse unique architectural imagination with theatrical inventiveness and technical proficiency to produce a synergy that creates mood as well as enhances people's lives.”

Levy Lighting is a world renowned market leader in the lighting industry, producing work that is at once instantly recognizable and breathtaking in its innovation.  Levy has always operated right on the creative and technological vanguard, constantly searching for colors and textures to add to his artistic pallet of light and developing the technology he can use to paint with it.  Ira explained:

“We’ve had many achievements in the lighting industry throughout the years.  Some of our most notable efforts include pioneering of LED and Eco-friendly Technology in event and architectural lighting, the creation of Pronto Wireless Lighting Technology and our latest innovation the use of iShadow Interactive Technology in our designs.”

Pronto is a lightweight and easily transportable technology that enables Levy Lighting to illuminate often exclusive events and parties - such as the many celebrity weddings which it has lit - where minimal intrusion onto the privacy of the occasion is the first priority of the design brief.  The revolutionary iShadow, which can project onto flat surfaces, such as tabletops, walkways, walls, curtains and other backdrops, has the artificial intelligence to follow the movement of a person or even just their finger, tracing them with constantly changing images and light which evolve around a gorgeously drawn central motif. 

A true visionary, Ira Levy lights space like an architect and appreciates structure through the eyes of a dramatist, the depth of this cross-pollinating approach facilitated by his unerring command of the ever-changing technology of his media.

     - Ben Stewart

Levy Lighting

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Website:  www.levylighting.com
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