A few years ago, Marrakech, Jewel of the South, transformed to become Africa´s hottest spot attracting not only moroccans, but international trendsetters and celebrities.  In the beginning, like all emerging cities, it didn´t have venues to satisfy luxurious needs.  But ten years ago, mastermind, Marcel Chiche, planned and opened a fusion cuisine restaurant-bar-boutique named Darna Comptoir, featuring exceptional amenities like DJs Claude Challe and Stéphane Pompougnac, among others.

Not enough for an entrepreneur, he expanded his horizons.  In love with unconventional Lebanese mysticism, he opened
Azar Brasserie Libanaise and Azar Le Club on February 2010.  Located on Guéliz, a glamorous neighborhood, this venue offers great lebanese cuisine, inspired by traditional Beirut kitchens.  The meticulously elaborated food, is made by three chefs brought from Lebanon itself, as well as the fine ingredients.  During the planning, Al Ajami, Paris based restaurant, supervised the menu´s creation, from breakfast delicacies to gourmet vegetarian dishes.

Younes Duret, Morocco´s new architectural eminence who has won several international awards, created Azar´s wonderful interiors hosting different spaces, each one of them with its own design and ambience.  The Main Dining Room surrounded by 3d-zellij walls, is bright during the day and cozy and intimate at night.  Classic ottoman chairs with a modern twist, specially designed for Azar, surround a sumptuous mirror-mosaic art piece.  The Mezzanine resembling a modern Ali Baba Cave is a more private and quiet space surrounded by organic shapes.

Stepping out of the private elevator or arriving by the exterior are the ways to reach Azar Le Club, a super exclusive space who has its own allure.  Delicious molecular cocktails are mixed in a sober and elegant bar.  Funky-arabic motives are all over the place, like a smiley camel who welcomes every guest, and a flying carpet that appears to be the DJ cabin, where east-meets-west sounds and electronic beats are gloriously mixed. 

So, whenever in Morocco try a bit of Lebanon, you will not regret it!

  Rue Yougoslavie angle Avenue Hassan II
Tel:  212 524 430 920
Website:  www.azarmarrakech.com