New York hospitality scene is always changing.  The city never stops beating, and that is why so many trendsetters stablish in New York.  Styles change, but they change because people change them, and since the beginning of the millenium a group of four stars called AvroKO taught the city and the world about a new style, the new New York style.

Being an architcture- concept design firm, conformed by Adam Farmerie, William Harris, Kristina O´Neal and Greg Bradshaw, each one of them is specialized in one or more areas.  What they do is to take care of everything, from the concept, to architecture, and illumination to stationary.

The first restaurant they developed is Public, owned and ran by them, and located underneath their office.  This two James Beard Foundation award winner restaurant that threw them to success, has wooden and polish concrete floors, brick ceilings, sofly lit in some areas with old glass lamps, prewar office doors, a modern wooden bar, and hosts a library with 1940´s and 1950´s magazines.

The Monday Room, a little place anexed to the Public, is decorated with gold stencils on high black walls, oriental rugs and black leather seats.  As Public, it is owned by the firm, they serve small dishes, and when you make your reservation, they ask you your stay length. 

Stanton Social, “an ode to the Lower East Side of the turn-of-the-Century”, has won an award for Best Restaurant Design.  It is divided into two different venues, each one inspired on a gender.  The main dinning room on the ground floor is the masculine one.  On the second floor the femenine side arrives.  While climbing the stairs, lizard skins, walls inspired in Kimonos, and hand mirrors are some of the elements you can find.

Inspired by the fusion of two cultures, the British presence in the Far East, and South Asia, Double Crown and Madam Geneva are the new venues owned by them.  They are located in the über-chic Bowery, Manhattan´s new neighborhood “to be”.  Double Crown is decorated with Western-Religion icons and East-Temple textures and patterns, while Madam Geneva is more industrial and femenine.

Other gorgeus restaurants created by this matchless firm is former Sapa, two award winner, and inspired in France and Vietnam; European Union, where old and new merge together perfectly; Quality Meats, New York´s butchers inspired the firm for this Midtown venue; Omido, on Broadway area; Bourbon Steak, in Scottsdale; and Lavo a bathhouse sanctuary in Las Vegas Palazzo; just to name some of them.

But restaurants are not their only projects, in the hospitality industry, they are working at W Philadelphia, Starwood Hotels and Destinity USA.  Brands like Starbucks, Kenneth Cole, Sony and Adidas are just some of their clients on their concept development branch.  As well as working in residential developments like Smart Space, where they make real their incredible touch. 

If you want to know much more about the fabolous firm, just buy the book Best Ugly, where ideas, inspirations, and projects are shown in marvelous graphics. 

Address:  210 Elizabeth Street, 3rd Floor
New York, 10012
Tel:  212 343 7024

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