The extraordinary Downtown Dubai - featuring, among a myriad of attractions, the world’s largest shopping mall - describes itself as “The Centre of Now” and is set to be one of the new century’s defining global tourist, retail and leisure destinations.

At its epically sculpted centre - the Epicenter of Now perhaps - the Burj Khalifa stands head and shoulders above every man made thing on earth. Its enormity can really only be appreciated in person or through sheer numbers.

At a staggering 828 meters, it is taller than the next tallest tower on earth - aside from communications masts - Toronto’s CN Tower, by around 250 meters. With over 160 floors, 37 of them office space, over 900 residences and the beautiful and luxurious Armani Hotel Dubai (another world first), it offers the greatest vertical assemblage of humanity and its endeavors in our history.

The Burj Khalifa has, like all tall things, a strangely dual identity. At once dominating the horizon and held in awe by those gazing up from the ground, it is also destined to a uniquely universal view on all that lies below, forever musing on those little people and their little things. Visitors are invited to share this privilege of giants from At The Top, the world’s highest outdoor observation deck.

A high-speed elevator, travelling at ten meters per second, relays visitors to the 124th Level of the building and what awaits them is truly unlike anything else in the world. This unique sense of what lies beyond our imaginations is not restricted to the view however - nested nothing more than two levels below At The Top is
At.mosphere, now the world’s highest restaurant.

This being the jaw-dropping Burj Khalifa of gilded Downtown Dubai, developers Emaar have taken great pains to ensure that At.mosphere is not simply a record-breaking food and beverage outlet, but a world class fine dining and lounge destination in its own right. Offering such a high quality of food, ambience, and service, At.mosphere is more than equal to any of the superlative restaurants and bars arrayed through Downtown Dubai, itself now considered among the cream of global lifestyle destinations.

At.mosphere opens under the supervision of Executive Chef Dwayne Cheer, who boasts a lengthy career in Michelin starred restaurants, such as London’s Greenhouse, and lately of The Address restaurants in Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai. Cheer oversees a choice of exquisite, distinct yet complimentary At.mosphere experiences - grill or lounge.

With a design scheme written in tranquil shades of amethyst and cocoa and dressed in the luxury of velvet and leather, the At.mosphere grill makes a virtue of its simplicity and is name checked on lists of Dubai’s must visit restaurants. Serving exquisite, healthy cuisine made from the finest and freshest ingredients, the grill offers such simple delights as prime cuts of beef, organic poultry or seafood in three styles - grilled, broiled, or baked.

The Grill presents an inclusive openness that immediately impresses but never intimidates. Encased in marble and glass, the exhibition grill is open to diners as the renowned Spanish designed charcoal-fired Josper grill oven prepares their repast and also separates the private and main dining areas, which seat eighty and twelve respectively.

Featuring richer tones of amethyst and an expansive round table, the lounge at At.mosphere overturns hospitality conventions and draws guests into a natural conviviality, where conversation flows into friendship as afternoon progresses into night, and the resident DJ maintains the chic chilled out vibe until 2am. Sumptuous light snacks and a full drinks menu are available all afternoon in both the main lounge and the private area, which can seat 35 and is set apart by its design scheme of steel blue, chocolate and cream inflected caramel.

At.mosphere is serviced by its own private elevator which is accessed via the Burj Khalifa’s Corporate Suites lobby. After being shot up to  Level 123 at dizzying speed, guests are welcomed by a breathtaking two-storey atrium, and then descend the cantilevered staircases to the lobby, from which they can enjoy spectacular panoramic vistas of the world beyond and below. Each seat affords guests a lofty and priceless vantage point, with a particular highlight being the extraordinary performing Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest and the pride of way down there, in Downtown Dubai.

Offering diners a harmonious diversity of choice, featuring the finest cuisine, Adam Tihany furniture and a mahogany-paneled ambience of understated luxury throughout, At.mosphere would pose diners enough diversion for many an evening. Then there is the view. 

     - Ben Stewart


Address:  Burj Khalifa
Tel:  04 888 3828

Atmosphere 1
Atmosphere 2